I can fix performance of your web-app and make your users happier

Ask yourself...

How many users did you lose while they were not happy with the performance of your app?

How many hours did your developers waste fighting with web-performance?

Why web-performance is important?

Nobody likes slow apps. Unhappy users may abandon your app. Smooth experience, especially on large web-application makes users happy. Happy users can bring you more other happy users.

What kind of application can I improve?

Currently I specialize on React applications. I made many apps with React by myself and fixed a lot of performance issues. You can read some of them in my blog.

Hello, my name is Anton Lavrenov.

I am a web consultant who help bootstrapped startups increase user satisfaction.

I am a maintainer of 2d canvas framework Konva and creator of react-konva. I write about web-performance on my blog.

Unlike other consultants, I provide 100% money back guarantee for my work. You will invest only into real result.

Web performance and JavaScript optimization were always my passion. I spend a huge amount of time making Performance Auditing.

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