Looking to build a visual tool for your product or business?

Say, graphical UI for labeling images for machine learning.

Or a design editor for printing companies.

How about automating your business workflow with a custom CAD?

I can help you with that.

  1. Things I've made

    Konva is an Open-Source 2d canvas graphic library. I am using it a lot in my work. Also I am making ecosystems tools that fit better into modern web development flow like React-Konva. You can find more on GitHub.

  2. Blog

    I write posts about webtooling, javascript, react and other related stuff on https://blog.lavrton.com

Kind words

"Anton is a terrific developer. Anyone who is able to create, maintain and support an open-source project like KonvaJS is a mindful and caring developer. We have been using KonvaJS in our BrikL app from the beginning and enjoyed having such a reliable and feature-rich framework as part of our platform. Anton has been very helpful guiding us in the process, answering questions and support us."

Tobias Meixner - Co-Founder & CTO, BrikL (B2B Fashion Design Platform)
"You're willingness to truly understand the problem at hand, as opposed to just knowing what code to write. I would ask you to implement X, Y, and Z features. You would ask about feature Y and how it made sense. That would force me to really reflect on that feature path and think about the problem I wanted to solve as opposed to checking off features. You did that multiple times and made the end result that much better."

Brian Walton, Tagify


I’m an expert in building domain-specific visual interfaces for the web. I’ve developed solutions for graphic design, business automation, and engineering.

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Collaboration options:

1. Biweekly consulting session

I will answer all your questions. Anything that will help you boost the development process. I will provide all information about Konva features or bottlenecks, I will explain the documentation if needed, I will consult about all aspects of general development.

Price - 2000 USD per two weeks.

2. Biweekly consulting + demos session

This option includes option 1, but I may also provide some custom prototypes, demos, and working code examples that solve particular features in the app as part of answering the question.

Price - 3000 USD per two weeks.

3. Custom project

Not sure what your need? Just describe your project and needs in the form bellow. We will talk about it and we will find how to achieve your goals.

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